About Us

Samyak Prakashan is dedicated to the propagation and publication of the ideal doctrines of Buddhism as propounded by The Lord Buddha. It is also committed to publish, propagate and restore the writings of and about Bodhisatva Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar, the great seer and architect of Indian Constitution, Jyotiba Phule, the great social reformer, Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj as well as other social reformers, revolutionists and glorious personalities. Samyak Prakashan offers valuable, rare and Illustrated books to its readers at an affordable price. The Prakashan has over seven hundred titles on its book-list. It has contributed a lot in the way of representing the inspiring life-stories of various revolutionaries, reformers and women warriors in a lucid form, complete with relevant illustrations. Remarkably, Samyak Prakashan was founded by Mr. Shanti Swaroop Bauddh, the eminent artist of international fame. Samyak Prakashan has on its board learned editors who act with sheerdition in selecting and recommending the books that would eater suitably to the reading needs of our society. It has played a very vital role in bringing our some notable works of Buddhist and Ambedkarite literature in recent years and promises to continue with its efforts in that direction. Samyak Prakashan has made the welfare of women and the exposure and eradication of suppuration, hypocrisy and heterodox through the publication of useful literature of superior kind its pious mission which we pledge to carry out faithfully.

Executive Team
Shanti Swaroop Bauddh
Founder & Organizer

A renowned Ambedkarite scholar and preacher of Buddhism in India, he was christened Shanti Swaroop by Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar himself. His venerable grandfather, Ch. Devidas Maurya, was one of Babasaheb's closest allies. His father, Late Lala Hari Chand Maurya, was instrumental in establishing the Samta Sainik Dal, founded by Baba Saheb, in Delhi state. His father had the honour of being the first vice-president of the Delhi State of The Buddhist Society of India (Regd.) founded by Babasaheb. His father is also credited with installing the first statue of Babasaheb, after his demise, at Ambedkar Bhavan in New Delhi. His father led the Delhi Republican Party as its president (1963-1967). So to say, Shanti Swaroop picked up the Ambedkarite movement and the auspicious Buddhist way of life as a legacy. His interest in art (painting) as a child culminated into his worldwide eminence as a celebrated artist. When, driven by his passion for social service and propagation of Buddhism, he resigned as a gazetted public post, his dexterity with brush came to his aid and he not only supported his faimily but also promoted the religious activities in all earnest. Taking the cue from his long practical experience in life, Shanti Swaroop Bauddh chose for his goal in publication of Ambedkarite-Buddhist literature in popular interest. He enjoys a unique record of having brought out over 800 books of various sizes in Hindi, English and other Indian and foreign languages as well. Besides these original and translated works, he has printed beautifully illustrated calendars and posters. His contribution to Ambedkarite-Buddhist literature as a publisher, illustrator and, of course, writer stands beyond measure. For last 35 years, he has shown his mettle as the editor of the Dhamma Darpan, a Hindi magazine devoted to righteousness, social and cultural upliftment of his people. He has travelled to a number of countries in Europe and Asia. An impressive orator, he served The Buddhist Society of India (Regd.), Delhi State, as its President for 10 years and is, presently, its National Organizor. His devotion and dedication to the Ambedkarite-Buddhist Mission and his diligent perseverence have made Samyak Prakashan the greatest and largest in the realm of the Ambedkarite Publications.

Premlata Bauddh

She looks after Shanti Swaroop Bauddh and family as a good housewife. She well assumes her role as a generous hostess entertaining and catering to the refreshment needs of the large number of visitors and guests. Coming from an Ambedkarite Buddhist family in U.P., she has inherited the Ambedkarite mission as such. She has toured through all the important places in India with her husband. She takes care of Samyak Prakashan in the absence of Shanti Swaroop Bauddh Ji.

Sundeep Bauddh
Production Incharge

Diligent, active and dynamic, he assists his father in running and supervising the Pruduction Wing of Samyak Prakashan. He has a deep knowledge of the printing paper and the Printing Technology. He is the man behind the superb printing and production quality of the publications from Samyak Prakashan. He is also efficient in the advanced photography so essential to the good and smooth running of a publication.

Kiran Bauddh
Production Incharge

The well-educated wife of Sundeep Bauddh, is a post graduate from Delhi University. Once she had joined this Bauddh Ji's family, she started participating in the various activities bearing on the Buddhist literature and community. Presently, she is engaged with the promotion of the quality of the books, pictures and publicity material produced by Samyak Prakashan. She has toured several states in connection with the propagation of Buddhism.

Kapil Bauddh
Art Drictor

A Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts (Delhi University), he supports Samyak Prakashan in all its activities related to illustration. He inherited his love for art from his father. A good Animation Art teacher, Kapil Bauddh provides his services as one to a private college. The book stalls of Samyak Prakashan at the book fairs in various cities are laid out under his guidance.

Deepshikha Bauddh
Library Incharge

The wife of Kapila Bauddh. She has the honour of being the grand daughter of the venerable Khajan Singh Vikal, a close ally of Babasaheb and a famous social worker. As her father-in-law, Shanti Swaroop Bauddh ji maintains a large personal library, she has, besides doing her duties as a good housewife, assured the responsibility of upkeeping and updating of these books.This is a very challenging task.